Our Buenos Aires Checklist, Continued


July 9, 2012 by t4li

Leah has been threatening me with Buenos Aires’ committment to nightlife for about half a year at this point.  “Oh, everyone in Argentina eats dinner at 10 pm, starts drinking at midnight, and stays out till 6!”  So my excitement level was high that Saturday night had finally arrived and all my late-night dreams were about to come true.

The much-hyped asado thrown by Emilio’s friend for her birthday did not disappoint.  We taxied to a new neighborhood and took the elevator to the 19th floor of her futuristic apartment building, where there was a function room with an enormous charcoal grill and beautiful views of the nighttime cityscape – one of the many amenities available with pricier Argentinian real estate.  The people were friendly, the Fernet and beer flowed freely, and the meats were out of control delicious (Sandler, this room was MADE for you).

the view from the balcony was beautiful

Around midnight we rode to Mariano’s apartment for the pre-game, met a new set of extremely friendly and bilingual Argentinians, and hopped in two taxis to finally arrive at that night’s main event festivities around 2 – a dirty dance-hall party bumping some old-school cumbia.  Leah and I were assured that we were definitely the only Americans that had EVER been in this club.  Take that, backpackers!

a coupla Peronists over here

And of course, at 4 everyone piled into cabs one more time to itch the late-night scratch that only fried foods can and raced over to the 24 hour McDonalds for burgers and McFlurrys.  Note: Leah and I did NOT eat any McDonalds.

One final cab ride of the night (if you’re counting, that’s a total of five) brought us home to roll exhausted into our beds by, yes, the promised hour of 6 am.  We did it!!  In the fabled words of Kevin Garnett: Anything is possible, mothertruckers!!!!

[The danger of staying out till 6?  We slept until 1 pm the next day.  WOMP WOMP]


2 thoughts on “Our Buenos Aires Checklist, Continued

  1. Yulia says:

    pictures, I want pictures…… mere words are not enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. reebs says:

    you didn’t eat any McDonald’s?!?!?

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