Sightseeing in Buenos Aires


July 9, 2012 by Leah

Since the internet is cooperating enough today to post photos, here is a visual tour of the sights we’ve seen in Buenos Aires yesterday and today.

El Mercado de San Telmo.

Every Sunday, in the old neighborhood of San Telmo, there’s a huge antiques market with tango performances and street food. This is a neighborhood where foreign students and backpackers often stay. Tali found an English used book store, and I did my best to resist the urge to buy old cameos and pocket watches.

Los Berkenwalds and Tali in Puerto Madero

As the sun set, we walked around Puerto Madero, the newest, most modern part of Buenos Aires. In this neighborhood, many of the streets are named for women (apparently the city decided the street names were unbalanced gender-wise and made an effort to correct it). Feminism! Behind us is the beautiful Puente de la Mujer (The Women’s Bridge).

En La Boca

This morning Pedro took us to La Boca, a poor neighborhood that is historically Italian with probably the biggest tourist trap in the whole city: a few streets with the neighborhood’s characteristic super-colorful houses made of corrugated metal. There’s tango dancers and other street performers, restaurants, artists, and this old community house that Tali is posing in (now converted to tourist shops, of course). Still, I enjoyed it. It’s vibrant and fun, if you can embrace your own identity as a tourist and let yourself enjoy it.

Las tombas

Next we visited the very famous Cementerio de la Recoleta. In this cemetery there are no graves or even grass–only mausoleums. They go for rows and rows, each one designed according to the preferences of the family who built it. (There were even some Art Deco designs!) Apparently a common fear of visitors is getting lost and trapped in the cemetery after it closes, and it’s not difficult to see why.

The tomb of Eva Peron (“Evita”)

The most popular site in the cemetery is the tomb of Eva Peron, or “Evita.”

Afterwards, Tali and I finally sampled some street food by sharing a chori (short for chorizo) with chimichuri sauce. It was delicious, as you can see from the looks on our faces.

This afternoon we walked around Palermo Viejo, also known as “Palermo Soho” due to its resemblance to a certain New York neighborhood. Tali and I scouted for Americans amidst the crowds of yuppies and had cafe con leche and a sandwich at a cafe staffed by Argentinian hipster dudes.

I would like to report that my Spanish skills are coming back to me and Tali is soaking up vocabulary like a sponge. We both wish we could have brought more fashionable clothes with us, since we stick out like sore thumbs next to the uber-chic residents of Buenos Aires. Guess that’s the price you pay for packing light! (I’m sure we’ll feel better in our quick-dry pants and hiking boots once we’re trekking through Bolivia and Peru…)

On the roster for tonight? TANGO!


2 thoughts on “Sightseeing in Buenos Aires

  1. Joan Schaffer says:

    Nice shots and great comments. Keep them coming.

  2. alex Schiller says:

    tali and leah,
    Thank you for your blog. It brings the entire trip experience (complete with sights, sounds and even the taste) down to my level like I have never seen before. Blogging certainly beats the handwritten diary we were keeping in Italy and Greece.
    I am enjoying reading your blog immensely and feeling like i am there with you.
    the advantage for you of course is that i am not.
    something I wanted to bring up while you are still in Buenos Aires and on line.
    I just learned that there was a great opportunity available in Peru. There are now 2 non stop flights per week from Lima to Easter Island. The duration is 5.5 hrs and the advertized rates are like $480 round trip.
    If you have some flexibility, check it out.
    may be chance of a lifetime.
    Love, papa alex

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