Hello from Salta


July 13, 2012 by Leah

After a 20-hour bus ride, Tali and I have arrived in Salta. The bus is nothing like Bolt Bus–we had “cama” (bed) seats that were as cushy as a first class airplane seat and reclined to about 140 degrees. Once in Salta, a shower, a green salad, and a plate piled high with empanadas revived us after the long journey (during which we watched “Night At the Museum 2” dubbed in Spanish, listened to most of Tina Fey´s Bossypants audiobook, and tried our best to sleep).

After Buenos Aires (a huge, huge city), Salta feels relaxed and comfortable. There are no skyscrapers and the central plaza is lined with gorgeous Spanish and French buildings and museums. Our hostel is clean and social, and thanks to the advice of our roommate (a Quebecois) we booked a tour to the nearby town of Cafayate for tomorrow. From what we´ve been told, we´re expecting to see beautiful landscapes, vineyards, and bodegas. Hopefully we´ll be able to do another photo upload soon.

Pero ahora, SLEEP.

Buenas Noches!


One thought on “Hello from Salta

  1. Yulia says:

    sleepy, sleepy heads. Have fun in Salta and Cafayete and we want to read and see all about it.
    The bus sounds “dreamy” — even if a bit too long of a ride. love, Y

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