Cafayate: Mountains, Mountains, Mountains


July 14, 2012 by Leah

Greetings from North Argentina!  We arrived (as we´ve said) tired, hungry, and pretty sweaty from our marathon 20 hour bus ride.  Luckily, the hostel was a short walk from the bus station, and hot showers were readily available and happily consumed.

With clean hair and a new outlook on life, we started to explore the  city.  Salta is small and beautiful, a lovely northern city surrounded by mountains and famous for their delicious tiny empanadas.  That night hanging out at the hostel we heard some backpacker gossip that we should book a bus tour to Cafayate the next day, to explore the nearby scenery – advice we gladly took.

And what advice!  Leaving the hostel at 7 in the morning, before even the sun was up, was a little rough – but the return was extraordinary.

The mountains are red, purple, green, yellow, white, blue, and pink, from mineral deposits or fossilized material left over from their life under the sea millions of years ago.

The landscape is breathtaking.  Leah was ecstatic.  She freaking loves mountains.  And climbing them!!  Here we can see her climbing La Garganta del Diablo (The Devil´s Throat!), a rock formation caused by ocean erosion.

This is Leah`s happy place.

Our guide was great and informative – we learned about the regional landscape, went to a wine tasting at the region´s oldest bodega, ate goat stew in the town square, and learned about condor monogamy.  Also we fed some llamas.

The bus ride home was during the sunset.  Like I always say, any day that involves seeing the sun both rise and set is a day well spent.

(p.s. this post is by Tali!)


One thought on “Cafayate: Mountains, Mountains, Mountains

  1. Joan Schaffer says:

    Gorgeous pictures, gorgeous scenery. Lucky you guys!

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