Final days in Buenos Aires


July 14, 2012 by Leah

–forgive me while I catch you up!–

Our last days in Buenos Aires were both frantic and relaxing. We had already seen the majority of tourist “musts” so we could relax a bit and just explore. At the same time, we needed to book our bus to Salta and get ourselves ready to begin our backpacking adventure.

Our second-to-last day we ventured to the Retiro bus station to buy our tickets to Salta, where I got to practice my Spanish and we found a “cama” bus that would take us all the way to Salta–20 hrs– for 515 pesos (you can do the math). Then we walked. And walked! We walked to the Plaza de Mayo and to the Cafe Tortoni where we had a bite and enjoyed the fancy atmosphere.

(I should mention that I caught a nasty cold and would have given anything for a bowl of soup, but as the waiter informed me, cafes don´t serve soup. Tea it is!)

Then we visited the Collecion Fortabat (a modern art museum) in Puerto Madera and decided to walk to the subway thinking it would be 10 minutes. It was actually more like 40 minutes (did I mention Buenos Aires is huge?) and it was FREEZING. Luckily, Tali made me a cup of soup when we got back, and we had a lovely dinner with the Berkenwalds.

Our last day in Buenos Aires, Mariano took us on a tour of Chinatown (one street) and then Tali and I took the bus to the Malba contemporary art museum. On the way, we stopped to take photos by the giant flower sculpture, which I love.

While I was posing in the grass, I was attacked by a tiny bundle of cuteness who wanted to come roll around in the grass with me.

Ok, ok, I know you´re not supposed to touch stray dogs but this one caught me off guard. It came outta nowhere! And it was so cute!

Whatever, it´s fine. I washed my hands. And cuteness.

Later we met up with Pedro, Alicia, and Mariano and they took us out for one last lovely meal (dinner at 6:30–totally unheard of in Buenos  Aires) and then drove us to Retiro. After many hugs and promises to work on convincing my father to come to South America to visit, Tali and I headed off.

Of course, our bus was about an hour late. This is what we looked like while we were waiting for it, somewhat anxious that we had missed it or got the time wrong or something…

Luckily a nice older Argentinian woman took us under her wing, explained that the bus was late, and made sure we got on the right bus.

Oh, and here´s a photo of what “cama” bus seats look like:


One thought on “Final days in Buenos Aires

  1. Kristen says:

    I had to do the math, $39. Well, the internet did the math.
    Anyway, PUPPY!!!

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