Things I will no longer take for granted


July 24, 2012 by Leah

After about a week in Bolivia, here are some things I will no longer take for granted:

  1. Central heating
  2. Insulated buildings
  3. Even sidewalks
  4. Emissions standards
  5. National spay/neuter programs
  6. Living at sea-level
  7. Living in a deciduous climate
  8. Unlimited internet access
  9. Paved roads
  10. Salad

This week we went on the infamous Salar de Uyuni tour (4 days, 3 nights) during which we saw a lot of incredible things and took about 10 million photos. For this reason, a blog post might take a little while. After that, we needed a rest and checked into the Hostal de su Merced, one of the nicer hotels in Sucre, for some R&R. It´s been lovely, and Sucre is adorable. I almost don´t want to leave, but tonight we press onwards to La Paz, Bolivia´s capital city.


2 thoughts on “Things I will no longer take for granted

  1. benzdouglas says:

    Totally agreed (although I’ve already re-adjusted and take some of those for granted :P)

  2. Yulia says:

    hope you have had a lovely rest and awaiting the next posting with bated breath. love and hugs, Yulia

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